sugar3.bundle package

Module contents

Activity Metadata

Your activity/ file must have these metadata keys after an [Activity] header:

  • name - the name of the activity, shown by Sugar in the list of installed activities, e.g. Browse,
  • activity_version - the version of the activity, e.g. 1, 1.2, 1.2.3, 1.2.3-country, or 1.2.3~developer,
  • bundle_id - the activity bundle identifier, using Java package naming conventions, usually an organisation or individual domain name in reverse order, e.g. org.sugarlabs.Name,
  • license - an identifier for the software license of the bundle, either a Fedora License Short Name, (e.g. GPLv3+) or an SPDX License Identifier, with an optional or later version suffix, e.g. GPL-3.0+,
  • icon - the icon file for the activity, shown by Sugar in the list of installed activities,
  • exec - how to execute the activity, e.g. sugar-activity module.Class,

Optional metadata keys are;

  • mime_types - list of MIME types supported by the activity, separated by semicolons. Your read_file method must be able to read files of these MIME types. Used to offer your activity when opening a downloaded file or a journal object.
  • url - link to the home page for the activity,
  • repository - link to repository for activity code,

AppStream Metadata

AppStream is a standard, distribution independent package metadata. For Sugar activities, the AppStream metadata is automatically exported from the file by the bundlebuilder during the install step.

In order to be compliant with AppStream, activities must have the following metadata fields under the [Activity] header (of the file):

  • metadata_license - license for screenshots and description. AppStream requests only using one of the following: CC0-1.0, CC-BY-3.0, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL-1.3
  • description - a long (multi paragraph) description of your application. This must be written in a subset of HTML. Only the p, ol, ul and li tags are supported.

Optional metadata key:

  • screenshots - a space separated list of screenshot URLs. PNG or JPEG files are supported.


name = Browse
bundle_id = org.laptop.WebActivity
exec = sugar-activity webactivity.WebActivity
activity_version = 200
icon = activity-web
max_participants = 100
summary = Surf the world!

license = GPL-3.0+
metadata_license = CC0-1.0
    <p>Surf the world! Here you can do research, watch educational videos, take online courses, find books, connect with friends and more.  Browse is powered by the WebKit2 rendering engine with the Faster Than Light javascript interpreter - allowing you to view the full beauty of the web.</p>
    <p>To help in researching, Browse offers many features:</p>
        <li>Bookmark (save) good pages you find - never loose good resources or forget to add them to your bibliography</li>
        <li>Bookmark pages with collaborators in real time - great for researching as a group or teachers showing pages to their class</li>
        <li>Comment on your bookmarked pages - a great tool for making curated collections</li>
url =
screenshots =