sugar3.activity.activityfactory module

Shell side object which manages request to start activity

UNSTABLE. Activities are currently not allowed to run other activities so at the moment there is no reason to stabilize this API.

class sugar3.activity.activityfactory.ActivityCreationHandler(bundle, handle)

Bases: gi.overrides.GObject.Object

Sugar-side activity creation interface

This object uses a dbus method on the ActivityFactory service to create the new activity. It generates GObject events in response to the success/failure of activity startup using callbacks to the service’s create call.

sugar3.activity.activityfactory.create(bundle, activity_handle=None)

Create a new activity from its name.


Generate a new, unique ID for this activity

sugar3.activity.activityfactory.create_with_object_id(bundle, object_id)

Create a new activity and pass the object id as handle.

sugar3.activity.activityfactory.create_with_uri(bundle, uri)

Create a new activity and pass the uri as handle.

sugar3.activity.activityfactory.get_command(activity, activity_id=None, object_id=None, uri=None, activity_invite=False)