sugar3.activity.activityhandle module

Provides a class for storing activity metadata such as activity id’s, journal object id’s,

class sugar3.activity.activityhandle.ActivityHandle(activity_id=None, object_id=None, uri=None, invited=False)

Bases: object

Data structure storing simple activity metadata

  • activity_id (string) – unique id for the activity to be
  • created
  • object_id (string) – identity of the journal object
  • with the activity. (associated) –
  • you resume an activity from the journal (When) –
  • object_id will be passed in. It is optional (the) –
  • new activities does not have an (since) –
  • object. (associated) –
  • uri (string) – URI associated with the activity. Used when
  • an external file or resource in the (opening) –
  • rather than a journal object (activity,) –
  • stored on the file system for ((downloads) –
  • or web pages) (example) –
  • invited (bool) – True if the activity is being
  • for handling an invite from the network (launched) –

Returns activity settings as a dictionary in format {activity_id:XXXX, object_id:XXXX, uri:XXXX, invited:BOOL}


Returns an activity handle from a dictionary of parameters